Trolling Fishing Best Guide 2021

Trolling Fishing Method-Learn what it takes to master sport fishing

Trolling Fishing is one of the most popular techniques of marine fisheries in the world, mainly because it allows a stunning variety of species, many of them good size, as the case of the Golden, Tuna or dorado.

The truth is that trolling fishing, in addition to being productive, is a very fun activity that will inject you with tons of adrenaline and will make your adventurous spirit rise when you go out to sea in search of the best catches.

Trolling is one of the most used techniques when deep-sea fishing is done. Do not miss our specialized article, with everything you need to know on the subject.

What is Trolling?

Trolling Fishing

The fishing trolling or Trolling fishing, as is also known in some countries, is a type of fishing is done from a moving boat.

The technique consists of throwing the gear into the sea using live bait or artificial bait while the boat is still moving, with the intention of simulating the movement of a small or medium fish in the most natural way possible to attract its natural predators.

Trolling is a modality practiced all over the planet and there are two main variants: surface trolling and bottom trolling, which is carried out hundreds of miles from the coast, in fishing campaigns that can last days or weeks.

Depending on the trolling variable, that is, the depth at which it is fished, the specimens that can be caught will vary, it is logical to think that the more you risk and the further you go into the sea, the better your catches will be.

Types of Trolling

Coastal trolling:

Of both modalities, coastal trolling is the most popular among recreational and sport fishermen. Coastal trolling is trolling carried out 12 miles or less from shore.

The technique consists of anchoring several fishing rods at the stern of the boat and casting each line at a different depth, the deepest always being the one that is furthest from the boat, to attract larger predators.

In this type of fishing, the most common catches are medium in size, but they can be very abundant in quantity if the fisherman manages to choose a good fishing area.

Among the species most fished by coastal trolling are the beautiful northern tuna, llampugas, mackerel, lily fish, and melvas. In some cases, with a little luck, you can even catch a good size tuna.

Bottom trolling:

Generally trolling at depths of up to 50 or 70 meters is reserved for commercial fishermen with industrial equipment, however, many sport fishermen manage to access deeper waters and capture the large sea monsters that inhabit there.

For this modality, it is necessary to have a good boat and a piece of complete equipment to carry out the fishing tasks for several days at sea. In this case, the rigs should be launched to depths of more than 50 meters with the help of good sinkers or electronic downriggers for greater precision.

In bottom fishing, you can get impressive prizes such as huge groupers, giant tunas, swordfish, small and medium sharks, sea bream, mountain bream, and mojarras.

How do you Troll?

Trolling Fishing

One of the great advantages that trolling offers is movement, that is to say, when moving the fisherman takes advantage of a very wide fishing area, attracting large fish that are very distant from each other, and not only attacking a school like in other modalities.

However, it is of great importance to learn to determine which is the best area to launch the tackle and to start trolling the baits, as well as knowing how to determine the recommended depth depending on the type of prey that you want to recover.

In the following video, we have a very clear shot of how a day of trolling fishing is perceived, and very importantly, how the rods should be located at the stern of the boat. Enjoy it.

Choose the area for trolling

As in this case we are looking to intercept the hunting routes of marine predators, a good idea may be to follow the underground marine currents that large fish use to devour smaller schools of fish.

To achieve this it is important to have navigation charts and a fishing GPS on hand to make sure we follow the planned route.

Prepare the equipment and launch the tackle

Once you have determined the area in which you will launch the baits you will begin to move, it is time to prepare everything.

Image result for trolling fishing

The first thing to do is to fix the rods to the stern of the boat (the number of rods will depend on the size of the boat) but 3, 5 and up to 7 rods can be used simultaneously if the size allows it. You must bear in mind that it is important to leave a comfortable separation between one rod and another to avoid that the lines get tangled together and we have a total disaster.

The rods are fixed in the rod holder and the lines are thrown at different distances and depths. The objective of this is to attract the largest fish, which swim deeper. 

So the first line can be launched about 30 meters from the boat and make it submerge about 25 meters deep, the second line about 5 meters less, the same with the third; in this way, the last line should be just 5 meters from the boat and float almost to the surface, where you can have the advantage in the fight to recover very large fish.

With the baits set in the water, it’s time to go. It is important that the movement is slow and constant so that the bait simulates a natural movement well and thus does not scare away the most cautious predators. The recommended speed changes according to the depth of the baits, but is between 2 and 5 knots.

As a fisherman you must be aware of the tension in each of the lines. When you feel that a fish has bitten one of them, it is time to disassemble it and start the battle to tire the fish. The best thing is to let go of the line and use the brake to achieve wear on the hold without the risk of the hook being released or the line breaking.

As the fish reduces the force of the pulls, the line should be picked up little by little, so, once it is a few meters from the boat it will be sufficiently tired and can be recovered in a few minutes.

Suitable bait for trolling

Do not miss this video where a new technique is shown in detail to hold your live bait without doing so much damage to the fish, increasing the swim time and the effectiveness of the live bait.

The bait issue is very important for trolling, as it is about simulating a fish swimming as much as possible. Both natural and artificial baits can be used in trolling.

If you prefer the use of natural baits, you can choose whether you prefer to use them live or dead. Using them live is more effective because you will get the full attention of your prey and will not arouse suspicion, but it requires a higher level of experience and has a higher logistical cost. Some of the most used species for live bait are sardines, mackerel, or small needles.

On the other hand, with each year that passes, artificial baits become more relevant in trolling sport fishing because they continue to prove that, if you learn to choose the right artificial bait, it can be even more effective than organic bait and it will also allow you save valuable time by not having to prepare the bait before the day.


The Williamson Tuna Catcher Flash vinyl octopus comes equipped with a resin head with raffia and hook.

This lightweight lure has optimal performance at high speeds for fishing for tuna and other species.

Acrylic bullet head that holds up to nine knots. An impressive addition to the “Catcher” collection.

The type of artificial bait must be adapted depending on the area and the species that we can find there. The spoons are perfect for medium-sized predators such as marlin, mackerel, or sea bass. Artificial fish or feathers with many colors or lighting are suitable if we are looking for large marine predators such as groupers or good-sized tunas.

Proper Equipment for Trolling

The grey hair

If we take into account that with trolling we will go after some of the most powerful and fastest marine predators, it is best to choose rods with medium-heavy action, but that are flexible enough to quickly feel when any of the lines bite. The most recommended rods for this type of fishing are in the range of 12 and 30 pounds.

The basic premise is that the lighter rods (12-20lbs) should be used for surface trolling and the heavier rods (for larger specimens) work much better when we go out to sea and bottom trolling.

Our rod recommendation for trolling:

trolling rod


The spectacular Shimano TDL A Stand-Up Roller fishing rod, as the name implies, really stands out from the competition. It is an X60 carbon and biofiber blank that guarantees maximum drag and catch power.

The reel

The suitable reel for trolling always has to be a very robust one, capable of withstanding every pull of the big fish. When choosing a reel, especially when planning to do bottom trolling, the first thing to consider is the brake system.

An assisted brake system is essential to carry out the battles and tire the fish before you tire. Spinning spool reels also perform much better than fixed spool reels, especially when battling large adult tunas. Finally, you must make sure that the spool has good size, that it is capable of carrying at least 300 or 400 meters of line, since fishing distances can be quite long, especially in bottom trolling.

Our recommendation for trolling reel:


The  SHIMANO TIAGRA 30W LRS reel is the best version for bluefin tuna fishing, deep sea trolling. 
It is used in shallow depths, the rods must be light and from 1.80 to 2.40 meters. Aluminum spool reel and Septon Grip.

Practical Tips for Trolling

  • If you are going to use artificial bait, the best alternative is vinyl octopus. They attract a lot of attention from large predators.
  • Leave a safe distance between a fixed rod and the next one at the stern, this will prevent the lines from crossing underwater.
  • The speed must be adapted according to the species you are looking for. If you think there are large tunas in the area, increase your speed to 7 knots. For coastal trolling, no more than 3 knots.
  • If you are looking for sea bass then you should leave at least a 100-meter line from the boat because these fish are very cautious and if they notice a boat they will wander away.

10 Suggestions To Get Going With Trolling Fishing.

Trolling Sport Fishing

Trolling Fishing. Go and take a boat out extremely early in the early morning to the lake or the sea, it is you, the boat, and nature to begin an exceptional fishing day.

Trawling or trolling, another kind of fishing that can be soothing and amazing when you try it, and if you are starting in this design of fishing, as in all designs, you need to understand some techniques and ideas to attain your objectives.

Related Articles to Trolling Fishing:

1. The very best speed for trolling fishing.

You will check out lots of blog sites about the perfect speed for fishing specific types.
As in everything, it will depend upon various elements: if you fish in freshwater or seawater, currents, depth, even wind, can impact the day’s catch.

The very best suggestion is to differ the speed of the boat, while you are fishing. When you see action on the lure, you will understand the appropriate speed.

2. The very best lure for trolling fishing.

The lure utilized for trolling fishing is one that seems moving with speed, imitating a hurt or passing away fish.
The kinds of trolling lures or baits that you will get are called alligators made from wood or plastic with intense colors, a few of them with articulated pieces that enable the motion of the lure.

The kinds of lures for trolling fishing:

✓ Lures type plugs or articulated: their articulated shape enables them to relocate a comparable method to that of a fish in the water, they are outstanding for this kind of fishing.

✓ Spoon draws or spoons lures: this lure appears like a tablespoon, they shine when presented into the water moving like passing away lure that is utilized to capture types.

✓ Surface lure: they drift on the surface replicating the victim that drifts on the surface, such as little squid, which is available in about 12 cm with intense colors.

✓ Exciting lure: they mimic the fish that feed big victim in the sea, comparable to little aircraft, the Williamson brand name is among the most utilized, it includes a rear carabiner to connect to the lure.

Trolling Sport Fishing

3. Utilize the very best devices.

You should utilize the finest devices if you are interested in this type of fishing.

Picking the appropriate reel, fishing pole, line, and even entice will offer you the best benefit in your trolling.

You ought to think about quality devices, resistant to the severe conditions of fishing in the sea or in freshwater.

It is a great concept to start with a reel with line counters, in this manner you can understand how deep the lure decreases for your fishing.

If you are interested in this type of fishing, make an excellent financial investment.

Trolling fishing poles are typical 1.7 meters long to 2.2 meters and the reels for this kind of fishing are identified by having a high line storage capability and a great drag system to supply resistance, the very best are the multipliers. spinning coil.

The hook should be the proper one for the kind of types you wish to capture, so it needs to match the lure, long hooks on little lures will not work.

4. Strategy your fishing day.

As in any activity, it is very important that you prepare for your fishing day.

Inspect that you have whatever total in your fishing take on, this line, the lure for the day’s catch.

Be clear about the location where you wish to perform the trolling, what types you can discover because of location, to understand the kind of lure you are going to take.

5. Consist of innovation in your fishing.

Part of the preparation consists of having your technological devices for fishing, utilize the GPS to find the locations of schools of fish, in addition to getting devices that will assist you to discover the very best location for fishing.

You will need to make a substantial financial investment, however, if this is the kind of fishing for you, it will actually deserve it.

Devices that can not be missing out on A digital radar, GPS, receivers, and probes, remember that they are not low-cost, however, if this is the design of fishing you wish to practice, the financial investment will be equated into much better catches and effective days.

If you’re simply beginning out, run your tests initially and your experiments prior to making huge financial investments.

6. When making a catch, do not stop the boat.

If you began capturing fish, do not stop the boat, this is a typical error that can cause you to lose more catches.

Continue with the speed you were running and manage the fish at that speed. If there are several catches at the same time, decreasing might be an excellent concept however not stopping, to prevent entanglement in the lines and continue with the catches.

7. Control the depth of the lure.

The basic thing in trolling fishing is to constantly understand where the lure is, its depth, the wanted level of the bait will assist you to capture more fish.

8. Pick the very best line.

Braided thread is among the very best alternatives for trolling fishing, given that for this kind of fishing we should have resistant and strong threads.

When it comes to deep fishing it is likewise crucial to have lines that reach 1000 meters, to assist you anchor and if you are trolling in seawater, the line needs to be resistant to it.

Trolling Sport Fishing

9. Usage numerous lures.

When we are beginning, exploring will lead us to understand what works best, attempt various lures, in this way you can see what works best for you.

Attempt the various shapes and colors, attempt positioning several lines in the water, and see which one you have had the most success with and for which types on that fishing day.

10. Fish at dawn or sundown.

They are the very best hours to fish, both at sea and in lakes, it is the time when fish are most triggered and we should benefit from it.

The days early in the early morning or late in the afternoon are the ones that bring the angler the most success.
Keep in mind to have enjoyable! This is an experienced sport.

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