How To Prevent Aquarium Fish Diseases Best Guide 2021

Prevent Aquarium Fish Diseases!

Prevent Aquarium Fish Diseases. are one of the major headaches for lovers of aquatics. It is no wonder: any ailment in our aquarium can compromise the health of all its inhabitants. And not just because, broadly speaking, they are highly contagious ailments. Also because being able to treat them correctly in the aquatic environment is not always so easy. What’s more, what is beneficial to some fish can harm or even be harmful to other specimens or plants in the aquarium. Hence, any ailment can lead to an imbalance of the entire aquarium.

Aquarium Fish Diseases

Beyond the difficulty in diagnosing aquarium fish diseases, there is another addition. Generally speaking, fish are extremely sensitive animals. Something that makes them be especially exposed to different ailments that, in most cases, are fatal.

For this reason, and more than cure, it is essential to prevent diseases of aquarium fish. The best way to guarantee both the individual well-being of each of our fish and that of the whole of them.

Due to its importance, it is not only necessary to know what are the usual ailments or their symptoms. What is really vital is knowing how to prevent them from taking over our aquatic ecosystem and even destroying it.

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How To Prevent Aquarium Fish Diseases

Aquarium Fish Diseases

Unlike other animals, fish live in tight, controlled environments. A fact that causes their survival to depend entirely on us, both in terms of feeding fish and maintaining the aquarium.

For this reason, aquarium hobbies are perhaps one of the most demanding hobbies when it comes to caring. Our fish will not only need our tasks. They will also demand to be observed from a critical point of view to confirm that the aquarium routines have not been altered.

For this reason, and beyond observation, it is worth knowing how to prevent diseases in aquarium fish. Something that any aquarium lover, even a novice, can do; and that it will have a positive effect on the survival of our animals.

1. Control overpopulation, essential to prevent diseases of aquarium fish

Instead of considering how to control an overcrowded aquarium, the ideal is to avoid reaching that point. Having too many specimens is, among other things, synonymous with continuously detecting aquarium fish diseases.

And it is that, as much as we believe that having many fish or many plants is the right thing to do, nothing could be further from the truth. This excess is not only subtracting living space from each of them. It also brings with it a bigger problem: an imbalance in oxygenation.

Oxygenation is essential for the life of our fish. What’s more: it is a crucial aspect for the aquarium since, both in excess and in defect, it directly affects the lives of our animals.

If there is a lack of oxygen, we will detect it in the behavior of the fish that will begin to swim in the upper part of the aquarium. If there is a defect, small bubbles will start to appear on the body of our animals. And no, it is not minor: these bubbles will end up causing a gas embolism that will end your life.

Regulating oxygen is key to avoiding aquarium fish diseases. 

But be careful because this excess oxygenation is not caused only by a poorly regulated aerator. It can also be caused by the plants in our aquarium. And it is just as important to know how to choose aquarium plants as it is to know how to care for aquarium plants.

Only then can we avoid one of the common failures when it comes to them: that they receive more light from the account. Doing so will increase the amount of oxygen in the aquarium. And what comes next, we already know!

2. Correctly acclimatize the new fish

Incorporating new fish into our aquarium cannot be done without more. Actually, it should be a progressive task and to be carried out very calmly. Not only because a new location can generate a health problem for the new specimens. Also because, added, the new ones can be carriers of aquarium fish diseases that we have not detected when we bought them.

A good reason to learn about the different methods to acclimatize fish in the aquarium or even have a parallel tank that we could consider quarantine. One that will not only help us to take care of sick fish but also to gradually introduce new ones.

3. Monitor temperature changes, another decisive factor in aquarium fish diseases

Fish are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. A parameter of the aquarium that we must constantly control, and adapt to the needs of the fish that inhabit it. We can never expose these animals to temperatures lower or higher than they demand. And the reason is purely physiological.

Closely monitoring the temperature is essential to prevent diseases in aquarium fish. 

As they are cold-blooded animals, they do not have the ability to adapt to fluctuations in the habitat that surrounds them. And, far from being secondary, it can seriously compromise the health of our fish.

On the one hand, because the stress that it generates makes them susceptible to the effect of bacteria present in the aquarium. On the other, because their small bodies can suffer multi-organ stoppages that end their lives.

4. Feed The Fish Correctly, In Quality And Quantity

As in any other species, food is essential to its health. We risk saying that, in the case of fish, it is even more important. And we do not mean only that they have a diet varied in nutrients.

It is also essential that, regardless of the types of food for aquarium fish that we choose for our own, we are rigorous with the quantities. Although we believe that “that little bit more” is to give them a whim, it is not. That little bit can be detrimental to them.

Whether we do not respect the recommended amounts or if the diet of our fish is poor, we can cause constipation. Or, in human terms, constipation. Something that can be detected quickly, since the fish move much more slowly through the aquarium and the scales are slightly detached from their body.

Four ways to avoid aquarium fish diseases. Four simple ways to ensure the well-being of our ecosystem.

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