Fishing For Kids Best Tips 2021

Fishing for kids. Fishing is a great activity for parents and children. Children generally enjoy the outdoors a lot and the activity is very recreational for them. With fishing, children also learn patience and discipline, while doing something completely different. Teaching them is very simple, however, here are some tips for going fishing with children.

Fishing For Kids

Are You Planning Fishing For Kids?

On a trip to a natural environment, there can be many inconveniences that can ruin the fun.

That is why we recommend that you plan well where you will take the children and foresee each problem and its solution: the bathroom, the climate, enough open space, etc.

Don’t Forget The Life Jacket

Not only children should wear life jackets, you too! Wearing a vest develops a habit of safety, even when you are on the coast.

Also remember to bring a hat, sunscreen, a pocket medicine kit, and enough water and snacks for a nice day.

Look For Easy Fish

If you’re fishing with kids, don’t look for trophy fish. These species require more skill and patience than children are comfortable with. Look for the most populated species in the waters where you are. D

In that way, you can guarantee the kids fishing and a really fun day without them getting impatient.

Convince Them That Fishing Is Not Boring

While not catching fish can be daunting, especially for a young angler, there are plenty of ways to go ‘fishing’ and have fun without ‘catching’. If you have been looking for fish without success for a while, now you can spend with the children to get a little dirty, look for bugs, collect rocks.

You can turn this day into an excursion day and not keep the kids’ prisoner in the boat.

Teach Them To Be Gentle

Sportfishing teaches children gentleness and empathy. Show them how to remove the hook safely, how to submerge the fish in the water, and help it swim by gently wagging its tail.

Children over the age of 12 will learn and do it on their own, but whatever their age, they can feel very nervous when holding the fish and may end up hurting you. So make sure their hands are big enough and that they feel confident.

Selfless Patience Creates New Fishermen

Fishing can be frustrating and time-consuming if the fish don’t bite. Your job is to make it easier and more exciting for the kids. When their rod becomes tangled, give them yours to keep fishing while you fix it.

If the bite slows down, venture along the shoreline or play in the water. That way, you will have a bond with your fellow fisherman.

Comply With The Rules

Make sure you comply with the country’s regulations before going fishing with the family. Teach your child also to respect life and follow the norm.

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10 Kid Fishing Tips.

Fishing For Kids

First and foremost. Do not go! You can even rethink your hobby, but if you are still determined that your children, nephews … follow your steps, there are some tips that can help you.

1.- Choose Your Fishing Spot Well

In my opinion, it is the most important thing, you will have to find an easily accessible area where the water is a few meters from the car. When you get to the fishing spot, the kids will want to quickly get the rods out and fish, if they have to walk 15 minutes to the fishing spot, you may end up desperate before getting the lures wet.

Shallow areas where depth is gained are preferable, in this way you will avoid unnecessary scares if a child falls into the water.

2.- Bring Spare Clothes

Yes! be sure that the child is going to fall into the water or will have the happy idea of ​​throwing bigger and bigger rocks into the water. 

If you go with more than one child, this will turn into a competition in which both will end up drenched by the splashes or perhaps on a sunny day in April, your son has the happy idea of ​​throwing a bucket of water at his cousin as I happened to me. If you have not provided yourself with change clothes, your fishing day will end at that moment.

3.- Quantity Matters More Than Quality

In this, we are very different from the small fishermen, if I ask anyone what do you prefer, 1 bass of 2kg or 10 that barely reach the span? Surely all of you will lean towards the first option.

It is clear that small fishermen will choose the second. Forget about the big pieces for a day and focus on the children taking fish, even if they are small every little while, if not I assure you that they will not last an hour fishing.

4.- Arm Yourself With Patience. 

Going with a child has its complications, but if you go with more than one it will become a difficult experience, especially the first days.

We put ourselves in a situation, so as not to hurt anyone’s sensibilities, we are going to call the two little fishermen Monster 1 and Monster 2.

Monster 1 throws the lure perfectly into the water. Meanwhile, Monster 2 when casting has not opened the pick up of the reel and the lure has turned the rod a hundred times, forming a knot that not even Lauri Rapala could have imagined.

You patiently start to fix the mess so Little Monster 2 can fish as soon as possible, but meanwhile, Little Monster 1 has thrown the lure directly into the bush that you previously told him to avoid.

Little Monster 1 demands your attention so that you help him to unhook it, you calmly and with even a smile on his mouth (it is logical, you are fishing and it is what you like to do most in this world) you tell him to try to give him a few tugs to see if he comes out, when he finishes sliding the Montruito 2 rod, you will help him.

The pressure can with you and what seemed to be there, is becoming difficult, the knot does not come out. Montruito 1 calls you back I can’t, I can’t! What do I do? At that moment, still calm but no longer smiling, you tell her to wait again.

You choose to break the thread and tie the lure again. Seeing this, Little Monster 2 starts to cry because he thinks he’s no longer going to fish, while Little Monster 1 already half crying exclaims JOOOO HELP ME THAT I ALONE CAN’T!

That is the moment you lose your temper and regret having gone. The moment only overcome with your partner saying You do not see that they are children, you have to be more patient!

5.- Take a Backpack With Water And Some Food. 

Yes, I know what you are going to tell me. If I have the car nearby if when I ask for water, I only need half an hour to eat. When a young child is thirsty or hungry he will not understand the “Nothing, two more sets and we are going”

It is better to carry something by hand so that you can extend the fishing time a little longer. Imagine that all this happens at the time of greatest activity.

6.- Forget about complicated techniques. Children do not have patience, they want to throw and collect and also take fish, of course, so the finesse techniques such as wacky, drop shot, etc … will not be the most appropriate.

It is best to mount a small crankbait, a 5-7 cm minnow, or even a spinner if you know that there are plenty of medium-sized specimens. Remember, the goal is the more fish the better.

I have had good experiences with the popper, it is a lure that requires a bit of skill, but they catch it right away and if they are to bite up, they have a great time.

7.- Take Toys, Board Games, Ball 

Not everything is going to be fishing. Although it may seem incredible to you, I have gone days that were biting relatively well and after having taken out a few Black Bass, they have preferred to play ball, catch-catch, etc … It is normal especially when they are small.

8.- Prepare Swimsuits And Towels. 

As we have already said, children are restless, if it is hot and in the reservoir where you go it is allowed, a bath can be trained and necessary to gain strength and face the afternoon with the desire to fish.

9.- Forget About Fishing Yourself. 

The truth is that I think that as you were reading the article you were intuiting it, I did not want to scare you until almost the end.

Yes, when you go with children, especially if you go with more than one it will be almost impossible for you to have a single moment to cast your rod, they will keep you busy all the time. 

Although if you follow any advice from the above, perhaps the time that the children want to play ball may be a good time to hit a few sets and take off your fishing jumpsuit a bit.

10.- This Does Not Count As a Fishing Trip. 

This is very very important, you must make it clear to your partner that this is not a normal day of fishing. You have come to suffer, you have not to fish. So the following weekend you will have to go fishing again without monsters to be able to meet your passion again. Fishing.

10 Tricks For Taking a Child Fishing.

Fishing For Kids

Fishing For Kids. Are you crazy about fishing and would you like your child to feel the same? In this article, we give you the key tips to get them to love the fishing rod and fishing line from a young age.

Bringing it closer to nature is one of the best gifts we can give a child. Teach him to respect the countryside and to share a day surrounded by friends in an environment that will offer him values ​​different from those of the city, it will be perfect for him to feel good! Help him experience the pure and unbridled thrill of seeing a bend in the rod and seeing which fish we have caught.

We are in a time where technology, mobile phones, and video games prevail, so make him disconnect, it is the perfect time to get in touch with nature by hooking him on fishing. Take note of the 10 tricks to get it!

1. Choose Material To Suit You

Your strength and the size of your hands will determine which rod to choose. Go for an ultralight reel that is easy to move and a small rod. You will find the perfect combos for him to feel comfortable.

2. Small Fish

Make it easy at first so it chops quickly. There is nothing more rewarding for them than to see how good they are at the activity they are doing. Nobody better controls the types of fish that are in the surrounding places so choose to go where the fish that bite the most are not too heavy. They will love taking them out of the water just like you do!

3. The Cane Always At Home

Teach him how to clean his rod, how to ride it, how to put the line and hook. This can be done from the living room, a necessary task for him to be an expert when you get to the water. The more he repeats it the sooner he will learn, but remember, you must not bore him with too complicated montages or he will lose interest.

4. Fishing, Learning Moment

Fishing is not just about throwing a rod and catching a fish, it is about teaching children about the nature that surrounds them. Make your travels teachable moments. Point out the eagle soaring overhead, the dragonflies buzzing, the rabbits in the bushes. Children are sponges and will learn very quickly as long as their minds are active.

5. Fun To Power!

Let them be the ones to say what they would like to do. A swim in the water, a run on the shore or make sandcastles on the beach can liven up the day. Do not lengthen the days more than necessary, the first times have to be positive experiences. A couple of hours will be enough.

6. Play Safe

As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’. Put him to safety with a properly fitted life jacket. Make sure he is wearing it at all times and avoid unwanted accidents.

7. Don’t Forget The Snack

The picnic should not be missed. Prepare a fridge with juices and water, as well as some good sandwiches to boost the energy of the little ones. But the trick to motivate them is some goodies, which you can also use as a reward when they get their first fish.

8. Don’t Forget The Photos

They will serve to remind him of how good he was while fishing. His achievements, games with his friends, special moments in the water … Let him show off what he has achieved and increase his desire to return.

9. Cooking And Fishing With Children

Releasing the fish that you catch has to be an action that you must be used to. They do not have to die but return to the water with their companions. 

However, it is not a negative that on some occasions we take home what we have caught. It will help you see where the food comes from. The origin of food is not supermarkets.
Let him help you in the kitchen and have fun while you prepare a delicious recipe.

10. Ice Cream As a Final Touch

What do you think if when you return home you reward him with ice cream? There is nothing that makes you more excited than refreshing yourself with the sweet taste of a delicious polo. You will return thrilled throughout the journey and you will ensure that the experience is remembered as very positive from start to finish.


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