At WeFish we seek to clear up all the questions about the coveted bass fishing. To do this, we must first know what we are dealing with, counting all the characteristics of this species. Next, you will discover which are the best techniques for bass fishing, the most effective. We want you to obtain the greatest success when you carry out your day of bass fishing.

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What Are The Seabass We Want To Fish Like?

To know how to successfully fish for bass, we must first know the animal we are dealing with. The snook has an elongated body. It has a size that usually ranges between 10 and 30 centimeters in the youngest specimens and adults can reach from 30 centimeters to one meter in length. Also, European seabass are characterized by having large lips and by their silver and shiny color, which turns more bluish on the back.

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

Where Can We Find Sea Bass? Bass Fishing Tips

Snooks or seabass usually live in rugged areas. We can find sea bass on rocky coasts, at the mouths of rivers, or in ports. For these areas, it is preferable that we look for snook during warmer seasons, such as spring and summer. Thanks to the voracious behavior of the seabass during these times it makes them easier to catch.

Younger seabass tend to stalk the sandbanks, closer to shore. The adult specimens acquire a more independent attitude and move away in the depth. As they need well-oxygenated waters, the depth they reach is not too great. They usually live in depths not exceeding fifteen or twenty meters.

What So Seabass Eat?

It is a predatory species, therefore carnivorous. Seabass prefer to feed on large prey to satisfy that voracious appetite that characterizes them during warm times. Its most common prey are small fish, crustaceans, and mollusks.

Best Methods For Catching Bass. Fall Bass Fishing Tips

Bass or sea bass are highly sought after in sport fishing. To get to capture a specimen we can use different methods. Traditionally, the most effective is Spinning and trolling fishing, although Surfcasting also stands out. We are going to give you a series of tips so that you can enjoy your fishing days even more.

fall bass fishing tips

How to Spin Bass Fishing

It is one of the most common techniques for fishing for bass or bass. In this modality, the skill of the fisherman counts to a great extent. To practice spinning bass fishing it is advisable to use hard lures

The skill of the person who handles the rod is necessary to bring those inert dreams to life. To do this, he must use the different types of movements of each lure, in order to deceive his prey.

To find them, we must go to places where the water is cloudy and rocky areas where there are enough waves and foam for the seabass to camouflage themselves.

Types of lures for spinning bass fishing

spinning Fishing

The hard lures tend to be great allies when sea bass or sea bass fishing. The most popular are those that are shaped like a small fish, such as elver. It is important to know the native species. Bass will be more likely to attack the lure of a species you know

Within the hard lures, we can distinguish between two types: swimming lures and surface lures. In cold seasons, when the seabass live deeper, we will fish them with swimming lures. In warmer seasons, we will use surface ones. Minnows are

very useful from a boat. Depending on the outside temperature, the seabass will be more or less deep. We must take this into account to decide the pronouncement of the minow that we are going to use. If we do not find a place with foam, without waves, and with calm water, we will move the lure, with fast and constant movements, to quickly get your attention.

Finally, the vinyl. But knowing how to fish for bass with vinyl is not easy. With this type of lure, the skill and creativity of the fisherman prevail over the rest. The vinyl needs to be moved as if it were alive. A recommended move is to slowly pick up the lure, interspersed with jerks.

How To Fish For Seabass By Trolling

For trolling bass fishing, we must take into account two fundamental factors: the baits used and the speed of the boat. The baits can be similar to those we have seen in the spinning mode. The speed of the boat should be approximately two knots. With a higher difficulty, it is likely that the bass will not bite.

How to Fish for Sea Bass Using Surfcasting

As we said in the section on the characteristics of the seabass, in warm seasons, the bass comes out of the depth and come a little closer to the shores. This gives shore fishermen an opportunity to get one of these coveted catches. As it is not a typical species for the use of surfcasting, we must take into account the details that differentiate it, to achieve successful capture.

Bass usually live in rugged, rocky areas and/or at the mouths of rivers. To get the catch right, we can look for bass in areas of cloudy water and waves. As for the best time to fish for bass, dusk is the optimal time. Bass are predators that prefer to hunt at night. It also helps the tide rise.

How to prepare hooks to fish for sea bass for surfcasting

The surfcasting method of catching bass is more complicated than it seems at first glance. The high tide, with the foam and the force of the waves, in which the seabass usually live, makes the task very difficult. 

These natural accidents make basic assemblies more effective. It is advisable to use heavy weights, close to 150 grams. About the thread, the best option is the fluorocarbon thread, more resistant to possible breaks and tangles.

The largemouth of the sea bass or snook forces us to take large hooks since a small one would not be useful in these cases. Finally, although we recommend the use of lures, live baits tend to give more efficient results. Small fish in the area or mollusks attract more sea bass, thanks to their smell and appearance.

Tips or Tricks For Bass Fishing?

The best trick is to be patient and not focus too much attention on baits or lures or places. For example, I caught the largest sea bass one day in the estuary, when I was going to try a very large walker, that of your Sanchesky. It was to prove it. Suddenly I saw a huge tail and the rod began to bend, so I say try new bait sites, new lures, and “the rooster will crow”.

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

How You Can Fish For Bass?

Thanks to my father-in-law, who taught me. From the first capture, I was already hooked. By practicing, losing many lures, cold, wet, and early rises, you find the queen of foam. Although, in these times, it is very difficult to find good specimens.

What has been your best sea bass?

My record is in 7 kg, although I know that I found larger specimens. I have them stranded, but due to the difficulty of the cliff area scenario, plus the strong storms, it has been difficult for me to capture them.

What modality or modalities do you use to fish for bass?

Light, medium, and heavy spinning.

Better from the boat or from the shore? Why?

I have fish from boats too, but without a doubt, I prefer from shore because of the difficulty of finding the fish. I like the cliff or, rather, the risk. (Laughs) For me, it is more entertaining. You are in tension all the time, especially when the bass attacks and you are already thinking about where to put it dry in a few seconds, without it rubbing the bass on the sharp edges.

What Equipments are Required For Bass Fishing?

Depending on the time of year and sea conditions.
With little sea use:

  • 2’66 rods in action 15-42, for walkers.
  • 3’28h action 20-65 for Minnow and types of vinyl.

And already with the strong sea :

  • 3’28xh action 33-95.
  • For hard minnows, jig, and types of vinyl.
What do you think is the best time to catch them?

For my taste August, September, December, January, February, and March. These last 3 are the favorites because they are usually large bass.

Where have you caught sea bass?

All kinds of scenery: beaches, ports, stone, etc. If you mean areas of the world, Delta del Ebro and Galicia.

What do you like the most about this species?

The force with which they are thrown at the lure at high speed and many times into 5 cm of water. Also, the war that those of good bearing give to put them dry.

Any tips or tricks for bass fishing?

A lot of insistence, getting up early or the last hours of the day and, above all, pounding and kicking a lot of stones until you find the good touches. Memorize channels at low tide and basses for when the sea fills. Know where to throw in hot spots.

Finally, what is the difference between a dance and a sea bass?

The difference is the black spikes on the back that the baila has and the sea bass does not have. The size, since the seabass over the years can reach 9-10 kilos. In the quality of the meat for my taste, I prefer sea bass.

We already know everything you need to fish for bass and snook. Now it is your turn to plan the fishing day with fish, in order to successfully capture these coveted predators. Thanks to Suso1979 and Roberto Vega for their collaboration to learn a little more about the fishing of these moons.