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Characteristics And Care of Angelfish

AngelFish Characteristics And Care. It is probably one of the most beautiful freshwater tropical fish out there. A reason that makes them, also, one of the most common in aquariums. Knowing the care of angelfish is the guarantee of being able to enjoy these wonderful animals native to the Amazon.

A vital task to guarantee your well-being and that we cannot neglect. Although it is popularly believed that angelfish care is not too demanding, it is not entirely true. Actually, we are talking about a species that demands to be rigorous both in its day today and in the preparation of the aquarium before its arrival.

Angel Fish Characteristics And Care

But let’s not go so fast. Because, before knowing the care of the angelfish or scalar fish, it is essential to know him. Or, rather, understand what those fish are like that captivate aquarium lovers by their size and behavior. And, despite the fact that discus fish usually monopolize the name, for many people, there is no doubt: the real king of the aquarium is the angelfish.

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So let’s see what the care of angelfish is, and those characteristics that make it a simply irresistible fish.

Knowing It, As Important As Knowing The Care of Angelfish

The scalar fish has an extremely unique body. For one thing, it’s very squashed and thin. On the other, it has spectacular elongated and triangular dorsal and ventral fins.

It is probably this part of your body that gives you an extremely beautiful and elegant appearance. Interestingly, the fins are what make the angelfish look so imposing. They are two to three times larger than your own body. Some dimensions that we cannot ignore.

If we strictly comply with the care of the angelfish, it will grow to a size of between 15 and 25 centimeters. A detail that we cannot overlook not only when it comes to which aquarium to buy.  It is also essential to avoid having to consider how to control an overcrowded aquarium.

Angel Fish Characteristics And Care

Beyond size, there are other unique aspects to highlight in the body of the scalar fish. Although wildly silvery with well-differentiated dark spots, angelfish as we know it is substantially different. Fruit of captive breeding throughout the last centuries is much more colorful than it is naturally.

What has not changed in this fish is its character. Unlike other fish such as the Betta fish, we are talking about an extremely calm fish that lives gregariously, in groups of several individuals. A point that we must contemplate as part of the care of the angelfish for a reason.

When living in small communities, scalar fish can become territorial and even aggressive. In addition to this, another important aspect is to know which fish it can live with. And, if you decide to mix it with other species of fish in the same aquarium, it is important that they are not too small. You can consider them a portion of food, as you would in nature.

5 Fundamental Care of Angelfish for Their Well-Being

Knowing its singularities is important to understand what it is like. But nothing like knowing in detail the care of angelfish to be able to enjoy them for a long time. What’s more: one of the main causes of failure in the possession of scalar fish is not knowing their needs in detail.

Let’s see what these beautiful fish need for well-being.

1. The Size of The Aquarium, Essential In The Care of Angelfish


Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are talking about a fish that can grow to a good size. Something that we cannot ignore especially if we are thinking about which aquarium to buy to start a fish aquarium.

Taking this aspect into account, we must choose an aquarium that is at least half a meter high. And nothing like understanding the reason to be aware of the importance of these measures.

The fish will swim vertically, so there is a rule of thumb for them: the aquarium must be large enough so that they can swim like this without the ventral fins touching the substrate or the dorsal parts leaving the water.

And one more tip in this regard: for each angelfish, we must calculate at least 35 liters of water.

2. The Maturation of The Aquarium, Another Key Aspect

maturation of the aquarium

We could say that this point is the most important of the scalar fish care. It is one of the main reasons why this species of fish does not thrive. Due to its characteristics, the angelfish demands a mature aquarium. Or, in other words, an aquatic space that presents a balanced presence of beneficial bacteria for the life of the fish.

This means that if we are at that point of initiation to aquarium hobbies and we start from scratch with an aquarium, we will have to be patient before including angelfish. What does this mean? That, once launched, we will have to wait at least two months before including the first one.

3. Temperature, An Aspect to Watch Closely

temprature of the aquarium

As a good fish of tropical origin, the angelfish needs the water in which it lives to be warm. Hence, it is extremely important to monitor it regularly.

The ideal temperature range for scalar fish is between 24 and 28 degrees. Subjecting our fish to a lower or higher temperature can substantially shorten the life of this species. Hence, to enjoy this species it is essential to have both a heater and an aquarium thermometer.

4. The Diet, Varied and According to Their Age

Despite how important diet is for any animal, it is not one of the scalar fish care that we have to worry about the most. We are talking about an omnivorous species, which appreciates having a varied diet.

Although the usual thing is to feed them with specific fish food for cichlids, the truth is that we will have to supplement this diet. On the one hand, it is important to dispense dehydrated food. On the other hand, it is worth giving them fresh seaweed and vegetables from time to time.

But beware: angelfish is a voracious fish. Therefore, we will have to be cautious in the doses of their diet. Although when they are small they should eat between three and four times a day, a daily intake will suffice when they reach maturity. How do you know when this happens? Simple: the moment they stop growing.

5. Plants, Another Important Aspect of Scalar Fish Care

aquarium plants

Aquarium plants are not just decoration. They help create the perfect habitat for our fish. A detail that, in the case of this species, we have to consider as one of the cares of the fish to climb more.

Due to their swimming habits and instinct, angelfish need to have plants around them to hide and take refuge in. Sword plants and Java fern are two good options for this species to have fun among its leaves.

And one last tip: it is worth incorporating rocks into the aquarium where the fry can take refuge.


AngelFish. Elegant, colorful, and extremely striking. Now that you know how to care for angelfish, do you dare to incorporate it into your aquarium?

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