How To Add Fish To An Aquarium Best Guide 2021

Methods For Add Fish To An Aquarium!

Acclimate Fish In The Aquarium

 Add Fish To An Aquarium. An aquarium is a matter of balance that guarantees the success of the marine life that is in them. For this reason, acclimating fish to its corresponding tank is one of the most delicate processes that an aquarium lover can face. It is a transition for which we have to take some time if we do not want to cause harm to our pets and completely destabilize the fish tank.

Adding More Fish To An Aquarium

Acclimating fish basically consists of acclimating them to their new ecosystem. One way to make these marine animals familiar with temperature parameters, pH, salinity, and other necessary details. Do not lose sight of the fact that these pets are extremely sensitive to any water change.

A good reason for us to take this aquarium activity for what it is: the key to the well-being of our marine friends.

Two Method to Add Fish To An Aquarium!

Acclimate Fish In The Aquarium

Aquarium Fish!

Beyond choosing the most appropriate method to acclimatize fish, we will have to consider two decisive aspects for us to do it successfully. For one, park the rush. It is common that, when we bring new fish home, we really want to see it in our aquarium, however, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the lack of patience can be dramatic for that animal, so it is well worth taking it with the times. that the fish themselves mark us.

Can I Put My Fish In The Tank Right Away,

On the other hand, lighting. Fish are easily stressed and we must try to make that transition from the container in which they live to our aquarium is made in the calmest conditions possible. This includes light: a factor that can alter them and that we will have to eliminate from our environmental adaptation process. It is good for the animal that during the four hours following its transfer it is in low light conditions.

Fish Tank

Taking into account these couple of tips, let’s see what are the methods to acclimatize fish according to the origin of the animal:

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1. Freshwater fish: acclimatization method with a floating bag

Freshwater fish

It is the perfect choice for both cold water and tropical water pets . This is the method of acclimatizing fish par excellence, since they usually arrive home precisely inside plastic bags. In them is not only our new fish but also part of the water to which it is used.

We will start by introducing the closed plastic in the aquarium for a quarter of an hour. With this gesture, we will be able to gradually balance the temperature of the water in the bag with that of the fish tank: helping the animals get used to its temperature.

Temperature is one of the decisive factors in the success of an aquarium.

After this time we will cut the upper part of the bag, holding it below, so that the water does not mix suddenly with that of the aquarium. What we will do is mix it gradually by pouring half a glass of the liquid from the tank into the bag every five minutes until it is full and half the liquid overflows from it.

We will repeat the operation of filling and emptying up to four times before finally incorporating the fish into the aquarium, for which it is better to use a net.

2. Saltwater fish: drip acclimatization

drip acclimatization

It is the ideal method for marine animals or for those who are more advanced in the aquarium and have a saltwater ecosystem. If this is our case, we will only need a container and a non-toxic tube to be able to carry out this exercise. What is important to consider is that, in case we are going to acclimatize fish and invertebrates, the ideal is that we keep them in separate buckets to avoid added stress to the process

Adding Tropical Fish To Tank!

As in the case of freshwater fish, we will deposit the bag floating in the aquarium for a quarter of an hour so that they get used to the new temperature. After this time, we will carefully empty the contents of the bags into the buckets, always keeping in mind one precaution: that the animals are completely covered by the water that we have spilled. In the case of invertebrates that may be sensitive to air, we will submerge the bag in the water to prevent contact from damaging them.

Aquarium Fish Net
Having a fish net will allow us to transfer them without suffering, whatever they may be.

With the non-toxic tube we will begin to drip water from the aquarium into the bucket . If we do not have an air valve that regulates that the water flow is constant and similar, we can tie a knot in the hose to keep its secretion. We will put one end in the fish tank and in the other we will blow to introduce the liquid into the container. The ideal flow is two to four drops per second. We will continue for an hour with this drip transfer.

If the bucket is filled before that time, the ideal is that we discard some of the liquid and continue until completing that time. In parallel, it is recommended that we measure the salinity of both the container and the aquarium to see if they are equal.

Why Wait 24 Hours Wo Put Fish In Tank

Once this time has elapsed and the salinity equals, it is time to move fish and invertebrates to their final location. We can do it using a network; In the case of invertebrates, the ideal is to submerge them inside the bag in the aquarium itself.


Add Fish To An Aquarium. Two methods to acclimatize fish that will allow us the most important thing: make them get used to our aquarium and live normally.


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